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Big Brother KFC Spot the Bucket Rich SMS Pre-Promote.


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After huge success in 2021, the KFC Spot the Bucket competition returned with a bang in 2022. Whilst managing the competition in it's entirety for a second year, Ansible designed and created a rich SMS pre-promote to re-engage 2021 entrants.


Rich SMS Pre-Promote

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With a huge database of entrants from 2021 who actively engaged with Big Brother and Seven, Ansible developed a pre-promote strategy to speak directly to these individuals via their favourite platform, SMS. Using a custom designed and built rich SMS landing page, Ansible was able to create an immersive branded experience to give individuals an exclusive heads up that the competition was back. The page featured the competition ad, a countdown to 'show time' and a button directly to KFC's app to check our their deals - driving value for both KFC and Seven.

With an outstanding open rate, and strong click through rate to download the KFC app - the results and value driven for KFC and Seven was highly appreciated. Results from the overall competition also showed those who received the pre-promote were more engaged and active, again highlighting the value of this promotion.

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