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Results and Recommendations: What is a Post Campaign Analysis and why are they important?

Providing data analysis and insights is arguably one of the most important services Ansible provide to clients. Ansible deep dive into campaign performance, both with always on reporting and a thorough post campaign analysis.

So, what is a Post Campaign Analysis?

After working hard to bring a campaign to life and optimise its performance, once the campaign has closed both Ansible and the client are eager to sink our teeth into the numbers, trends and insights so we can celebrate the wins and grow from any learnings.

The sole purpose of this analysis is for Ansible to collate and analyse results, and to evaluate the campaigns overall effectiveness in completing the client’s objectives and KPIs initially set out. Some key elements to focus on when pulling together a trade promotion PCA include some of the following metrics:

  • Total Entries – our key performance metric

  • Total Uniques – how many individual people participated and got involved?

  • Average Entries per day – how did the campaign perform over the competition duration.

  • Entry Distribution – where were entries spiking? Is this in line with promotion?

  • Click-through Rates – what level of engagement beyond entry did we see?

  • Comparisons – how does this campaign compare to benchmarks?

Why is conducting a Post Campaign Analysis so important?

A post campaign analysis is a great opportunity to regroup with a client or key stakeholder after a large campaign has come to an end and reflect on the performance and highlight interesting insights that may help decision making for future competitions.

The main advantages of running a Post Campaign Analysis include:

  • Help to understand what elements of the campaign worked well and not so well

  • Learn how the target audience responded to the campaign

  • Assesses the effectiveness of the campaign versus objectives

  • Provides key, valuable learnings and recommendations for any future campaigns

Ansible have been providing real value to our clients through our post campaign analysis’ for the last 15 years. We tailor our reporting to each and every individual client’s needs. Beyond a post campaign analysis, Ansible can provide clients with always on access to performance metrics or a custom daily/weekly report - we supply exactly what you need. If you want to ensure your making the most out of your competitions and are gauging a true picture of how different elements of your campaign performed, get in touch with one of our trade promotion experts today.

If you want to learn more from us, send an email to or fill out our contact form below and we'll get back to you.

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