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Letter of Authority: What is it, and why is it necessary?

In simple terms, a Letter of Authority is a legal document that authorises a third-party to act on behalf of you or your business. A standard Letter of Authority for assistance with setting up a trade promotion, would include the following key points:

  • Promotion Title (this must match the exact competition title on the terms & conditions)

  • The name of the individual authorising & their business name

  • Name of the individual who will be acting on your behalf and the name of their business.

An example of a standard Letter of Authority:

Ansible have been engaged by clients for over the last 15 years to help with managing permit applications. This is because it is important that a trade promotion is compliant with all regulatory and consumer law requirements. When Ansible is approached by a client to assist with national permit applications, we the team will draft up a Letter of Authority and will fill in any necessary details. We will then have you, as the client sign the document giving us permission to act on your behalf and handle the extremely important part of any trade promotion planning process which will require uploading the Letter of Authority as part of the application.

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