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What is Premium SMS?

2022 Update: There have been changes made to Premium SMS. Read our blog here to find out more.

Activating Premium SMS services allows you access to content and services offered by third-party companies other than your phone provider. Premium SMS is commonly used as a way for people to participate in Television (TV) competitions, promotions, and live voting.

TV competitions are advertised on air and the on-screen information instructs the viewers on how to enter the competition, providing them with essential information like the number to SMS and what details they need to include in their message. When the competition closes, a draw is conducted, and the winner is announced as per Terms & Conditions.

Similarly, live voting is where people can vote for a winner by texting their vote to the competition number. All votes must be sent through before the deadline to make their vote count. The votes are tallied, and the results will affect the outcome of the live TV program. For example, if a TV show contestant receives the most votes, they are safe from being eliminated.

Premium SMS allows consumers to immerse themselves in their favourite TV programs, giving them the ability to influence the outcome of TV shows and the exciting possibility of having their name announced live on air when they win a competition.

How is Ansible involved in Premium SMS?

Ansible is the only high-volume entry/vote aggregator service in Australia. They have partnered with Australia’s major telecommunications networks to make it possible for mobile users to enter TV competitions, promotions and participate in live TV voting. Ansible can help with all components of setting up a Premium SMS competition, from the set-up of the competition in Ansible’s systems to navigating the legal requirements for a Premium SMS competition.

Premium SMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any associated costs?

Premium SMS messages are charged above the rate of a standard SMS message with a 55c charge per message that appears on the sender’s phone bill at the end of the billing period.

How do I know if I’m messaging a Premium SMS number?

You can tell if you are messaging a Premium SMS number as they normally start with 19.

Why does it come up as 'not delivered' when I send a message to a 19 number ? This is more than likely a result of one of two things, either the customer doesn’t have Premium SMS enabled on their phone or the phone has Premium SMS barring on it.

How do I enable Premium SMS and/or remove Premium SMS barring? All you have to do is call your phone provider and ask for Premium SMS to be enabled and/or request for all Premium SMS barring to be removed.

What happens if I have reached my Premium SMS spend limit? If you have reached your Premium SMS spend limit, call your phone provider and ask for the Premium SMS spend limit to be increased so that you'll be able to send more messages.

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