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Why use SMS for your marketing campaign?

Ever looked up from your own smartphone on your way to the office and notice that almost everyone around you is engrossed in their own smartphone too? This has become the norm in today’s society with billions having their mobile device glued to them, as if it’s an extension of their arm. In fact, there are 4.2 billion active SMS users worldwide.

So why ignore this ginormous opportunity to reach consumers on their favourite platform and via a channel that they are constantly checking? Have a read of the statistics below and tell me why you wouldn’t want to capitalise on the capabilities of SMS!

With 1 in 5 Aussies entering a Premium SMS competition ran by us (Ansible) in 2019, consumers down under are clearly more than happy to participate in competitions via SMS especially given that they were willing to pay to enter ($0.55 per entry).

Boasting a 98% open rate, SMS based marketing communications lead the way in ensuring the targeted consumer sees your message and absorbs the brand content. Unlike e-mail channels for example, SMS avoids your promotion being filtered into spam folders, so it heightens consumer reach for your brand.

Consumers can only enter SMS based competitions by sending in an initial message from their own phone to participate in the promotion. By doing so, the experience becomes more immersive for the consumer as they are actively engaging with the brand. Hence, SMS has been named the number 1 channel for engagement worldwide.

How can SMS be integrated into your marketing campaign?

Standard or Premium SMS ‘Text To Enter’ Competitions

Ask consumers to text in a codeword, or their details, to an SMS number to be in the draw to win a certain prize. Ansible can collect all entries, conduct a random draw, and validate the winners.

Instant Win Competitions

77% of people would prefer to find out instantly if they are a winner, so Ansible can facilitate ‘Instant Win’ competitions where entrants are notified immediately if they have won or not, rather than having to wait for the results of a prize draw.

·Mobile Broadcast

Once you have a database of mobile numbers who have opted in to receive communications, a brand can send a SMS broadcast to all those numbers with SMS content tailored to a specific promotional goal e.g. encouraging sales through pushing a sales URL. Ansible’s system can collate these numbers and send bulk SMS messages.

Keyword Request

Ask consumers to send an SMS with a specific keyword, whether this be a unique code, discount code or just a code word. In response, the consumer would receive a specific message. At Ansible, we can manage this process and send pre-defined responses to certain keywords.

Don’t miss out on this second to none opportunity to deepen your brand’s connection with consumers. Get in touch and establish a connection like no other.

Check out some of our SMS case studies below:

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