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Jägermeister Bar Week SMS Activation Campaign.






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Alcohol brand Jägermeister wanted to host an exclusive Bar Week After Party called ‘Berlin and Beyond’. The intent was to assist the brand in delivering the essence of the world’s most iconic party city down under in Sydney. Jägermeister wanted the invite list to be open to all but while also maintaining that exclusive feel.


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The solution proposed was for Ansible to create an experiential and immersive campaign via SMS marketing, that would untimely reach consumers at their most personal touchpoint. Jägermeister had spurring consumers text ‘I’M IN’ to an Ansible-owned SMS number.

Ansible managed mass SMS broadcast delivery to an opt-in database of individuals, providing small details over multiple weeks in the lead up to the event. This created a strong sense of mystery, exclusivity, and intrigue among those opting in. Successfully, the alcohol brand hosted over 400 individuals in their intimate and exclusive brand experience.

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