Harnessing the festive spirit of the Holiday Season, Hello Molly aimed to reward its loyal customers with the opportunity to win a bespoke festive stocking of their choice! The objective was to drive traffic to the Hello Molly website and, through a consumer promotion, cultivate new leads and increase database sign-ups.


Ansible devised a strategic consumer promotion to align with Hello Molly’s goals, introducing a ‘Pick Your Prize’ campaign. Participants were prompted to provide their details and select their preferred Hello Molly season: ‘Season for Glam,’ ‘Season for You,’ or ‘Season for Sun.’ Each category featured a selection of enticing, on-brand prizes relevant to the respective season, ensuring broad appeal and engagement.


The competition successfully drove a significant increase in database sign-ups, with 98% of the new sign-ups being first-time participants in Hello Molly promotions. Additionally, 97.5% of entrants had never entered a Hello Molly competition before, highlighting the campaign’s effectiveness in reaching new audiences and expanding the database of individuals who opted into marketing communications.

As part of the campaign, Ansible set up an auto-response email, which included a discount code for use on the Hello Molly site. These emails achieved a remarkable 66% open rate, well above industry standards, further demonstrating the campaign’s success.