Better Beer aimed to increase sales, enhance brand recognition, and reward their Australian consumers through an on-pack promotional campaign.


Better Beer partnered with Ansible to develop the “Every Case Wins” campaign, strategically designed to resonate with their target market and encourage brand selection. The campaign featured an instant win mechanic, where consumers purchased specially marked packs, scanned a QR code, and entered their details for an immediate prize.

The campaign’s prize strategy aligned closely with Better Beer’s brand identity, offering prizes from surfboards to t-shirts to a golf cart, reinforcing the brand’s image.

Ansible developed a user-friendly data capture form embedded on the Better Beer website, ensuring seamless validation and an engaging instant win experience.


The “Every Case Wins” campaign generated significant participation, with 40% of promotional cases redeemed. It was particularly encouraging to witness an expansion of Better Beer’s reach beyond their typical demographic through the redemption of cases, ultimately contributing to brand growth. Additionally, the campaign successfully drove sales, as evidenced by 24% of participants making multiple purchases of Better Beer cases to enter the competition.

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